Vanilla Bazaar Premium Organic & Fairtrade Madagascan Vanilla Powder 20g

Vanilla Bazaar Premium Organic & Fairtrade Madagascan Vanilla Powder 20g

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Vanillabazaar's Premium Madagascan vanilla powder is totally pure and the only ingredient is vanilla pods. No bulking compounds, preservatives or colourings are used in our products.

Vanilla Powder

Premium vanilla powder is usually created by taking quality vanilla pods and crushing them in a special cryogenic mill which freezes the pods first and then crushes it into a fine powder. This is done in special food grade metal with specialist vanilla grinding blades. This process makes sure nothing is lost during the grinding process and we obtain a pure products with all of the flavour characteristics of the original pods. Premium powder has a high vanillin content and is consistent in particulate size and quality.

So, here's our story...

Vanillabazaar is a family business that started with humble beginnings in the UK over a decade ago when the vanilla market was very different to today. As one of the directors it was my wish at that time to open the UK market to high quality, well priced vanilla products that came from my birthplace Madagascar. 

Although I have settled and lived in London for several years now, I was born and have lived in Madagascar for almost half of my life. For me, vanilla was a product I used to see as part of daily life in its various forms, however its absence in the UK has made me appreciate its true value.

To many people, the word “vanilla” may only signify an exotic spice used in the making of ice-cream but I wanted to show everyone that it was much more than that. Behind this black bean lies a long story that goes back to the Aztec civilization, goes through time and across different continents and seas to end up in the Indian Ocean, in Madagascar, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. 

Today, peoples' understanding has evolved and most people are aware of what it is and how it is used in various types of cooking. This has come about mainly through televised cooking programmes and wider availability of the spice.

Vanilla is now grown in many countries around the world, all in varying tastes and varying qualities dependant on the country’s local weather, soil composition, harvesting and curing techniques.

Madagascar is renowned as being the chef’s favourite variety of vanilla due to its unique flavour and quality. At Vanillabazaar we deal in mainly Madagascan vanilla and products made with Madagascan vanilla so that you, the customer, know that you are only getting the best.

Vanilla is a versatile spice used in food, cosmetics, even medicine nowadays. It is likely that you have encountered vanilla in everyday life, but you may be surprised to know that 97% of vanilla used in products today use artificial vanilla. This is understandable as the spice is still a relatively rare and expensive product, however we at Vanillabazaar hope to break down that notion by having no middle-men for our vanilla. Our vanilla comes directly through our agents acting for the plantations in Madagascar, and these savings are passed onto our customers without compromising the farmers’ income and quality of life.

Obviously recently there have been problems in the global vanilla market and prices have started to fluctuate wildly. In these circumstances we aim to still stick to our mission of delivering good quality vanilla at the best price possible even though many of our competitors have none.